An Essential Guide to Hiring Registered Nurses


According to statistics, 194,500 new RN positions are being created up to 2030. However, research shows there are not enough in the job pool to fill these positions. So, how can you attract more qualified candidates to fill the roles in your facility or organization? Read more below.

  • Post adverts on various nursing outlets

    When you’re hiring a registered nurse, place website advertisements or engage in email marketing. You can also advertise in medical journals both in print and online. You can also find reputable social media platforms and other marketing channels to recruit the most suitable nurses you’re looking for.

  • Don’t forget about work-life balance

    When looking for healthcare professionals in Florida, it’s vital to focus on what the candidates need more than what you want for the role. It shows that you care for the candidate’s overall health and well-being in the workplace. Include the necessary tools and details, including support staff, top medical equipment, and continuing education.

  • Be personable and relatable

    Did you know that 76% of job seekers prefer to apply if the employer actively manages its brand? To make this possible, try to humanize your organization by being more personal in your communications strategy. Incorporate the benefits and emphasize personalized performance management, intentional culture building, and other benefits that a certified nursing assistant in Florida will enjoy when hired.

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