Different Healthcare Professionals for Facilities


A healthcare facility in Florida is composed of not just one professional but a pool of healthcare professionals in Florida, with different responsibilities. But if they work together, they can create an environment where patient care is effective and efficient. Facilities need different professionals.

Aside from doctors and nurses, what are the kinds of professionals that healthcare facilities need? What kind of responsibilities do they have for providing care to patients? As a provider of healthcare staffing in Fort Myers, Florida, allows us to share different professionals needed in healthcare facilities.

  • Nursing assistants.

    Nurses do not have to perform all activities relevant to patient care. When it comes to providing daily care, healthcare facilities will need certified nursing assistants. The roles of a certified nursing assistant in Florida include providing basic and daily care, checking vital signs, maintaining hygiene, assisting with mobility transfers, and more.

  • Practical nurses.

    A licensed practical nurse differs from a registered nurse in their education, scope of practice, and responsibilities. Licensed practical nurses work under the supervision of registered nurses. They also provide primary patient care and act as a support to the healthcare team.

  • Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs).

    APRNs are nurses with postgraduate degrees and advanced clinical practice. Their scope of practice and responsibilities are more expansive than those of registered nurses. They provide patient care by participating in research, diagnosing illnesses, ordering tests, and providing treatments.

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